Goodwe GW10K-ET Plus+ 7.7 BYD Speicher +450 Watt Module




volution of the popular ET series

Hybrid inverter for high voltage batteries

New features:

– Incl. DC over voltage protection, type II
– Interface for ripple control receiver
– Potential-free contact for the control of loads (for example SGReady heatpumps)

WLAN/Ethernet LAN (option with additional LAN-modul)
DC-circuit breaker
according to VDE AR-N-4105:2018-11
for grid connection
Degree of protection: IP65
euro efficiency: 97,5%
height x width x depth 516/415/180 mm
max. DC power: 13000W
nominal power: 10000W AC
max. DC voltage: 1000V
without Display
High voltage battery (for compativbility information please refer to the manufacturer’s documents or to the IBC battery matrix)
Backup function (max 3 phase 5000W)Including energy meter
5 years warranty
up to 10 years optional
Please note the country-specific service & warranty conditions of the manufacturer.

Bundle mit 22 Stück 450 Watt Modulen


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