Floating Photovoltaic could further amplify the expected effects of climate change.

We are educated linear thinkers, so the first intuitive Conclusions are often simply wrong. Our world is highly interconnected and a Simplification didn’t helped us at all. We know see that cleaning shipping emissions has triggered a termination shock, a massiv rise in sea surface temperature.

Floating PV has many advantages, like cooling from the water increases the efficiency of the photovoltaic modules, because the warmer they get the less they produce.

Shading the water is reducing the evaporation and the hope was that it also reduces the temperature. Cooler water bodies are producing less methane, so it is crucial to understand if less movement in the water, due less wind on the surface is only increasing the water temperature nut not the Methane Emissions and if Bubbles can mitigate with more Hydroxyl Methane Emissions.

Beside all the negative Messages I have added the negative Climate Forcing Planck Feedback Calculator or Albedo to Watt to this Site: https://www.off-grid.at/albedo-to-watt-or-the-planck-feedback

Floating PV is maybe increasing Methane Emissions

The Study: The impact of floating photovoltaic power plants on lake water temperature and stratification is indicating, that Floating Photovoltaik less wind is building up stable thermal stratifications.

The measured water temperature (Tw) suggests that a stable thermal stratification builds up during summer at all three measurement points. The date of the onset of vertical mixing at the beginning of October is similar at all measurement points (Fig. 5).

More heat through less Surface movement

indicate that FPV counteracts a more stable and longer stratification that might be induced by climate change. However, a sensitivity analysis of the wind reduction by FPV showed considerable effects on the thermal properties of the lake. Therefore, high wind reductions can have a opposite effect and could further amplify the expected effects of climate change.

We need to understand this effect to a broader level, to understand how much warming of water bodies is currently happening when there is less wind.

Mirrors to cool Photovoltaics

Planning radiative Cooling Elements for Photovoltaic Power Plants should be mandatary to counteract the urban heat Island Effect of the black PV Modules.



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